The Meaning of Verb :
a. All words showing actions belong subject.
b. All words becoming predicate in a sentence.

Types of Verbs
a. To Be
am, is, are
was, were
be, been
b. Auxiliary Verbs
do, does, did
have, has, had
modal auxiliaries (may, can, shall, must, will, ought to, should, could, and so on)
c. Full Verbs
1. V I (Base form, Infinitive form)
example : go, see, take, make, read, write
2. V I + -es / -s (for simple present tense)
example : goes, does, makes, reads
3. V II (for past tense)
example : went, did, made, studied
4. V III (Past Participle) (for perfect & passive voice)
example : gone, made, studied, taken
5. V ing (Present Participle)
example : going, making, studying, reading
6. To + V I
example : to go, to live, to eat


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