Filmmaker beaten because his name is Usama

A filmmaker says he was assaulted in a party in a small Iowa town and telling people his name is Usama. On March 6 partygoers in Fairfield punched Usama Alshaibi in the head and knocked him to the floor.

He quickly realised why he had been attacked when his assailants started calling him Osama bin Laden and making anti-Arab comments. “I was pretty scared, and I felt like I had gotten myself in a bad situation,” Alshaibi said.

Alshaibi said that in Iowa City party-hopping is a common practice and he assumed he would be welcomed when a woman standing outside the house invited him in as he walked home. Fairfield Police Chief Julie Harvey said the attack was being treated as a hate crime. But she said police had been unable to find the house where the party took place.
(Rate of Islamophobia in USA is so high proved by this case…!!)


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