Women’s Kimono

Based on the type of kimono wore, kimono can show the age of wearer, marital status, and formality level from the event that is attended.
1. Kurotomesode
Tomesode is the most formal kimono for marriage women. Kurotomesode is black tomesode.Kurotomesode has family symbol (kamon) in three parts :back, in front, and behind of right and left arms.Unique characteristic of kurotomesode is lovely motif in front and back suso (bottom part around feet). Kurotomesode is wore in marriage party or other formal events.

2. Irotomesode
Tomesode made from various colours is called irotomesode (coloured tomesode).The number of family symbol is based on formality level of the event. If there is only one symbol, it means that the event attended is informal. If it has five symbol, it means that the event attended is very formal. This kind of kimono is wore by either marriage or single mature women. Irotomesode is wore in an event that does not allowed guesses to attend while they are wearing kurotomesode, such as reception in emperor palace. Irotomesode has unique motif in suso part.

3. Furisode
Furisode is a kind of kimono that is most formal for single young women. The colour is various and it has clear motif in whole part of the furisode. The unique characteristic is the wide sleeve dangling down. Furisode is wore in sheijin shiki, wedding party, graduation ceremony, or hatsumode. Hanayome Isho (Trousseau) is one of kinds of Furisode.

4. Homongi
Homon-gi(clothes for visiting) is a formal kimono for both single and mariage women. It is free to use the family symbol or not in wearing this kind of kimono. It has motif in whole part both front and back part. Homongi is wore in visiting weddings party, tea ceremony, and new year celebration.


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