Pigs always eat everything given to them from carcass, their feces even human feces. Pigs are lazy animal which do not like sunshine and really like eating and sleeping.

Pork is recommended not to eat because it is a source of diseases. Pork is supposed as a food not proper to eat. Here are some parasites in pork itself :

1. Taenia Solium

This parasite is like a bubble and granule in pork and pig intestines. If someone eats pork, this kind of parasite will be digested in stomach and will obstruct the growth of body. Tapeworms are also created in this step. Taenia Solium will stick to someone’s intestine eating pork and suck his/her blood and food nutrition. This can cause someone gets digestion disorder and lack of blood.

2. Trichinia Spiralis

This kind of parasite is like soft granule in pork. If someone eats pork, this parasite will live in his/her body especially in his/her muscle, divider between lungs and heart. This parasite can attack those parts of body with extreme pain.


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